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Honda has announced their own robotics project they're calling the Avatar Robot. The robot will be developed with a multi-fingered hand to perform tasks and use tools.

Honda is expecting to begin technology demonstration testing at the end of March 2024.

Honda Avatar Robot: will make virtual mobility possible
・Honda will develop an avatar robot with the goal to expand the range of human ability virtually without the constraints of time and place / space.
・Honda Avatar Robot will be equipped with a multi-fingered hand, an application of Honda robotics technologies, and Honda’s original AI-supported remote control function.
・With a view to putting the Honda Avatar Robot into practical use in the 2030s, Honda is pursuing development with a goal to conduct technology demonstration testing before the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024.

Striving to expand human potential and make people’s lives without constraints and more enjoyable, Honda has been continuously working on robotics research, including the research and development of its bi-pedal robot ASIMO. As a part of next-generation Honda robotics, Honda is pursuing development for the practical applications of Honda’s original avatar robot to expand the range of human ability virtually without the constraints of time and place.

The greatest merit of an avatar robot, which can act as a second self of the user, is that the user can perform tasks and experience things without being there in person, including the realistic sense of handling objects remotely. What will become the core of the realization of such an avatar robot is the multi-fingered robotic hand developed while leveraging Honda’ strengths in robotics technologies and Honda’s original AI-supported remote control function. Therefore, Honda strived for an avatar robot that is capable of using its multi-fingered hand to make full use of tools designed for human use and performs complex tasks quickly and accurately based on the AI-supported and more intuitive control by the user.

To date, Honda has realized a multi-fingered hand with the ability to both delicately pick up a small object with the fingertips and the strength to open a tight jar lid, at the level of the human hand. This has long been a challenge in the field of robotics research. Moreover, in order to enable its multi-fingered hand to grasp an object smoothly in one sequence of moves and handle a tool with precise control of force, Honda is working on the further advancement of its original AI-supported remote control function.
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