The original Tesla Roadster is becoming a hot collectable car.
  • Tesla's earliest cars have shot up in price in recent years.
  • That's thanks to the "star power" of the Tesla brand and the significance of the Roadster to electric-car history.
  • Tesla only made around 2,450 Roadsters from 2008-2012.
When a little California upstart named Tesla Motors released a limited-production, electric sports car in 2008, nobody could have predicted that the same company would someday be the most valuable carmaker in the world and be credited with sparking the electric-vehicle revolution.

Now Tesla's earliest cars are becoming hot collectibles, skyrocketing in price in recent years as Elon Musk's empire has exploded.

Tesla made roughly 2,450 Roadsters between 2008 and 2012, selling them for around $100,000 and up. The quirky two-door convertibles depreciated over time, with one changing hands for $38,000 on the car-auction site Bring a Trailer in 2018

What a difference a few years makes. According to Hagerty, an insurance firm for classic cars, Roadster values have nearly doubled in the last two years, rising from an average of $69,000 in May 2020 to $127,000 this year. That's based on values provided by owners looking to insure their vehicles and largely reflects what they paid.