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Elon Musk announced at Tesla's AI Day event that the electric car and solar power company is working on a humanoid robot prototype that he hopes one day "replaces" human workers.

Tesla Bot is designed to “navigate through a world built for humans” and carry out tasks that are dangerous, repetitive, or boring. One example task is for the robot to be told to go to the store and get specific groceries. So to be honest it's not a "replace" - this one is a supportive "feature" aimed to save time every single day so people on one hand can have more time for family, recreation, and rest and on another hand to have an ability to use their brain to invent something overwhelming, mind-blowing and encouraging others.

Whether Musk and Tesla are serious about getting into the humanoid robotics game is an open question though. Humanoid robots have all sorts of challenges that wheeled robots do not, so someone will say that it might be better to leave the humanoid machines to Boston Dynamics..

Ofcourse Boston Dynamics doing a great job with their dancing and acrobatic robots that can But if we look closer.. When Elon presented the ideas of launching rockets into space or for i.e. an underground tunnel named HyperLoop - just few people took it seriously.. And the the mass made a circular motion with their index fingers near there heads, to indicate that the author was insane.

But the truth hurts, isn't it? Rockets've already been in space and, the tunnel is under development, the pilot launch was in November 2020..

So the only one question's left - do you still doubt that Tesla Bot will enter the market? : )

Official Site: teslabottoken.io
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