Posts on LinkedIn and Twitter by the Optimus Bot team show they're hiring at the moment.

Here's some of them:
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The first link was a job posting titled Deep Learning Manipulation Engineer, Tesla Bot. If hired, job applicants will do at least one of the following:
  • Design and develop our learned robotic manipulation software stack and algorithms.
  • Develop robotic manipulation capabilities including but not limited to (re)grasping, pick-and-place, and more dexterous behaviors to enable useful work in both structured and unstructured environments.
  • Model robotic manipulation processes to enable analysis, simulation, planning, and controls
  • Reason about uncertainty due to measurements and physical interaction with the environment, and develop algorithms that adapt well to imperfect information.
  • Assist with overall software architecture design, including designing interfaces between subsystems
  • Ship production quality, safety-critical software.
  • Collaborate with a team of exceptional individuals laser-focused on bringing useful bi-ped humanoid robots into the real world.

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The other link shared a list of Tesla Bot-related jobs, including internships and engineering positions. Ibarz also shared a link to Tesla’s recent AI Day part 2 for those interested in seeing what the team is doing.

In addition to Ibarz’s tweet, Tim Zaman, an engineering manager at Tesla, pointed out that the Tesla Autopilot team is basically the AI team. “If there is any company that will ship an actual humanoid robot, it’d be Tesla,” Zaman said.